Fabulous tie day today as a Good-bye


I felt honoured today to be celebrated with a “Good-bye tie day”. It started with four grade 8 girls who created a special hand painted tie for me yesterday. Today most the staff wore ties:

IMG_50395 IMG_50415 IMG_504850F663667-10F3-46B6-8DBD-4C25234AACBB6IMG_506870DD48BFD-B62B-496A-BA79-E6203EAB890B656A7AB80-E947-4F74-84C1-312BF80C6BA01


The tie theme spread to students in the secondary (here are all of the grads in ties) as well as the elementary and right down to the Strong Start program. There are some pretty cute ties out there!


This has been a wonderful time here at JVH, working with so many creative and committed staff, with caring parents and kids as well as a highly engaged community.

Thanks to all of you for what you do for the school, for each other and for me.

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