From the desk of the principal (January)



Welcome back to all students and parents.  Happy New Year and welcome to the year 2015. We celebrate all of the learning happening at JVH in a variety of ways and places. Above are photos of the Outdoor Ed. class on their back-country ski adventure at Lost Ledge.


Here are some things I want to highlight:



Staffing up-date:

  • We welcome Patty Stickel to the Intermediate 3 class where she is taking over from Phoenix Wraith until his return. Patty comes to us with extensive teaching experience in Fernie and in Ontario.
  • We are in the final stages of hiring for a .8 Learning Assistance teacher for the school. This position is being funded by the Education Fund negotiated as part of the strike settlement. We will be pleased to have that extra support in our school for both the elementary and the secondary students.
  • We will be finding out who the new principal assigned to JVH on Tuesday Jan. 27. I will keep you posted. During the month of February I will be working closely with that new principal to ensure a smooth transition for when I leave on Feb. 28.


Response to road closure

If you live North of Lardeau you are well acquainted with the slides at the Lardeau bluffs. We will continue to use our phone tree to contact you when there are road closures and the bus cannot get through.  Please ensure that your billeting list is up to date at the office.

Please also follow us on Twitter (@JVHumphriesS   ) for the most up-to-date information about the status of the school.


Ice safety:

As you are aware, the ice is treacherous all around the community right now. Please remind your children to be safe on the ice and to walk carefully.


Academic Update:

High school students are wrapping up the end of their first semester.  We will be selecting new Explorations for next semester starting on February 6. If you are interested in seeing the choices go to:



Parent Participation.


  • Your participation in the school is an important part of making this school a true community school. Please consider coming to the PAC meetings.
  • To keep you informed about up-coming events please sign up for Twitter at: @JVHumphriesS
  • You are welcome to make an appointment and visit our school anytime

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