Programs & Projects

Primary (grades K-3)
Ms. Lieffering's class, along with the help of Ms. Finnie, our district teacher helping in the Innovative Learning Services department, have created a 3 dimensional map of Kaslo! They went all over Kaslo on their Wednesday Wonder Walks to learn where everything is and to collect data for their map. They then studied Kaslo using Google Maps. Finally, they created a wonderful 3D model of our town and bay. 

Ms. Norrie and Ms. Lieffering’s classes (grades 1-3) had the exciting opportunity to work with ArtStarts artists Natasha Smith and Rayya Liebich on a project titled “The River of Wonder.” The project was very meaningful, as it connected our students to the amazing Kaslo River, right in our backyard! Each week students added to their creations, starting with collecting natural items from the River Trail, to using drywall putty, making leaf prints, and finally painting their wood panels. We are very proud of their work! Come have a look at the display in the school showcase to see for yourself.
Intermediate (grades 4-7)
Grade 5/ 6 Dream Home Floor Plan Project.
The students in Ms. Patience’s class are exploring different concepts of measurement including perimeter, area and volume. As a final assessment covering the area of polygons, the students designed a floor plan for their dream home and calculated the composite area of the home. After the floor plan was designed they utilized their knowledge of scale to create the final product, a design four times the size of their original design. The students enjoyed adding specialty rooms that reflect their interests and hobbies. Our next project will involve making GEO Pets, an application of composite volume.

One goal of Mr. Zuk's for this year continues to be to encourage students to take charge of their own learning more often; explore what they’re interested in and learn how to solve problems. To accomplish this goal, we have included Project time in our timetable. Every Wednesday afternoon, students work on projects they have chosen. Students must first submit a proposal to Mr. Zuk with a plan and a proposed due date. Projects can cover a wide variety of topics from sports to science, drama to drafting. If it gets approved, they then carry out their plan until their project is complete.

Projects this year have included scale models, drift trike, dissections, homemade rockets, making cheese, planning fundraisers to sponsor a child in need, and many more.

The Intermediate Drama Club
The Intermediate drama club is an extra- curricular program for students in grades 4-7. The students meet after school and at lunch and create theater presentations. In 2017 the students presented two projects. Presented in May, “A Tolstoy Story” was an ensemble piece based on the writings of Leo Tolstoy. Their second production in December, “A Fairy Tale Christmas Carol” involved 40 students. Ms. Patience and the students are excited and ready to take on a new project.
Secondary (grades 8-12)

JVH Foods class with Ms. Terlingen is busy throughout the seasons. Our year begins with students working hard to help out with fruit harvesting in Kaslo part of a Bear Aware initiative. This year was a bumper year for apples and the class baked close to 100 apple pies and 40 pumpkin pies, all from the trees and gardens of our community. These homemade pies were sold before Winter Break with all proceeds funding the foods program.

On a regular basis the foods class bakes homemade meals for our student population that need some extra food throughout the days. The JVH Foods class also provides pre-ordered hot lunches for JVH students and staff at various times throughout the year and takes on a variety of catering jobs for event.

The Outdoor Adventures Fall & Spring course with Ms. Broadfoot is designed to introduce students to a broad range of outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, rock climbing, canoeing and survival skills, as well as trip and safety planning for a multi-day excursion. In the spring students will receive their Lakewater Level 1 paddling certification as a part of the course, which will include a 5 day canoe and hiking trip on Slocan Lake, in Valhalla Provincial Park. Last year students in this class hiked the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail along the southwest coast of Vancouver Island.

The Outdoor Adventures Winter course focuses on exposing students to the brilliant ski and snowboard culture of the Kootenays, as well as winter safety and survival skills. Students visit with Stellar Heli Ski to learn about the business side of skiing, which includes a tour of the helicopter and practice using transceivers. The course also includes an Avalanche Safety Training day and a Winter Survival Workshop with local experts. The overall favourites of the course however, are our trips to Whitewater where students take lessons and get a chance to improve and perfect their skills on the hill.

 Our grade 8 'Foundations' courses in Art, Drama, Music, Woodwork & Design, and Technology are designed to expose students to learning opportunities they may choose as their 'Explorations' multi-age elective courses in grades 9-12. Students develop skills in a wide array of learning areas and a strong sense of what they would like to further pursue beyond grade 8.

The school shop continues to be an active facility during our secondary Explorations classes. The facility itself is known as a “general shop” in that the one space is set up to accommodate different trade areas such as wood work, metal work and mechanics. All grade 8 students get a half year introduction to design and building; after that the class is optional but well subscribed. In the shop classes students have a lot of latitude to choose their own projects so everybody is working on something different – planning, cutting, welding, sanding, forging, turning, testing, breaking (yeah, that happens too), screwing, finishing, casting and so on. It is a noisy, smelly, active place. For the past two years we have also run a special “guitar building” section supported by a community member, Dave Biggar. Students at J.V.H. are fortunate to have these opportunities available and many alumni are now certified trades people working in the community and across the province.

Students of the grade 8 class worked one on one with Seniors of Kaslo once a week for one hour. They would spend time together reading, coloring, playing games or just talking. We ended our year with BINGO with all of us and a cake to be shared by all.
 Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, our foods room opens up early to welcome students from all grades to have a lovely visit and a delicious and nutritious breakfast. Rena Bens has been cooking up a hot breakfast for years now, and has seen a steady increase in the numbers of students who are coming for the warmth of the atmosphere and the food. There is often music and always laughter. JVH is grateful to our district for prioritizing this important opportunity and to our community for donations to bolster our food budget.