New books on Empathy, Diversity and Inclusion!

50 books with themes of Inclusion, Diversity and Kindness have just arrived at J. V. H.!

We are incredibly grateful to a group of community members who have formed SLIDE: Supporting the Learning of Inclusivity, Diversity, and Empathy.  SLIDE has been collecting donations all summer long on Front Street in Kaslo.  They say that between our local community and grants from BCCRN and VHKAS, they have gathered over $3500 to buy a rich selection of books for our Kindergarten to grade 12 school, as well at the Kaslo and Area Public Library and Jewett School.  Staff are looking forward to incorporating these books into their lessons, and students are looking forward to borrowing for their own reading.

 If you are interested in making a donation through e-transfer, or for more information, they can be reached at They can also accept KSCU online banking transfers to masterplan account # 1654318.

School and community working together broadens what we can offer our students; it helps our kids see that their community cares about their learning and it increases the resources we can access.  It feels important to have local support in this time of global discussion around race, diversity, and inclusion. Our teachers are tackling this subject in ongoing ways through all curricular areas directly, in how they interact with students and how they embrace the teachable moment.