Poverty Weekend presentation- better link to the slides!

Grade 12 student Kenya Blouin did a highly informative presentation to our secondary students on poverty.  

This was in preparation for a $2.50 challenge:  Through initiatives in Student Parliament, JVH will be hosting an educational "Poverty Weekend." The weekend will run from 3:00 pm on Friday, December 4th to 3:00 pm Saturday, December 5th. The goal of the weekend is to experience some aspects of what it might be like to live in poverty for 24 hrs, which means all participants will only have $2.50 to spend on food, and any personal items must fit in an average-sized cloth grocery bag.  (You can learn more about why that amount of money from the presentation on the website)

In addition to the challenge, students will be having a quick run-down on nutrition, watch a movie, tour our local Food Hub, kick off the annual Christmas Hampers fundraiser, and have lots of fun. 

I was impressed with how many students showed interest.  Please contact Mr. Zuk for more information.  Students are to register with him beforehand.

I am moved and deeply impressed by the work our Student Parliament, Green Team, Food classes and Leadership Class and other classes are doing throughout our school and with our community!

To see her presentation, please click on the link below:

Ms. McAllister