Start up thoughts

Hello JVH Parents,

What a week!  I just want to say how grateful we all are for the work you did to prepare your children to return to school with a positive and open attitude.  It was a big leap after 6 months and I know each of us experienced it a little differently.  I heard lots of parents say that their children were exhausted by the time they got home – elementary and secondary alike.   I ended Thursday and Friday with sore cheek muscles from smiling and laughing so much, so I think that is a good sign.

I want to acknowledge our staff – Custodians, Educations Assistants, Teachers, Bus Drivers and our secretary- for the extraordinary, detailed work they put into planning such a smooth, kind and welcoming return.  Having left JVH for the last two years, I see with fresh eyes what an exceptional community this is.

I think that over these next two weeks we will find our patterns, remember how to be with a bigger bubble of people and start to sink into that collaborative learning that is so rewarding and effective.

Please let your child’s teacher, our counselor Ms. T., our Youth and Family Worker Ms. Liz, or me know if your child is experiencing worries or has questions.  The way I have framed all of our assemblies is not as much about Covid 19 but about being safe for ourselves and our community.  And though we are working very hard not to spread germs from one person to another, it doesn’t mean that we won’t be getting into the dirt outside: building, gardening, outdoor adventuring and playing sports.

Please don’t forget that Friday (Sept. 18) is a Pro. D. Day so there is no school for students. Staff will be treated to a Keynote by Ivan Coyote and the theme for the day is Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.    

If you don’t already have an SD8 calendar printed, here is the district calendar for 2020-2021

Thanks to all who joined our parent meeting on the 4th.  If you weren’t able to make that meeting, I am happy to schedule another one, just let me know.

Have a great weekend and hoping for rain.

Victoria McAllister