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The Leaders Among Us

Our Student Parliament and Leadership students organized a Family Carnival with something for everyone! There were over 15 activities, from a dunk tank to face painting, old style events like bowling, bean bag toss, balloon darts and more. Over 250 people joined us for dinner, games, prizes and lots of great community building. 

Each one of our Leadership students has taken on a project over the year -some of which are:

  • Running an elementary Future Leaders Club Raising school spirit by running weekly contests for our secondary assemblies
  • Organizing School Dances Having movie nights for special days and to promote
  • Social Justice Learning Car wash for Ukraine, raising over $1000
  • A talent show for K-12, including our local RCMP magician
  • Running lunchtime intramurals and more....

Many thanks to our Leadership students for embodying what you leaders!