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Ian Einer

Career Ed, Electronics, Math, Science

Thank you for being curious about who I am and what I offer to the learners I have the opportunity to work with.

My career as an educator has included many roles, including counselling and administration, but my passion is being in the classroom working directly with students. My training in Zoology (fisheries and wildlife) and further studies in Curriculum and Instruction have provided me with the knowledge and experiences to teach Science and Mathematics at the high-school level.

My goal is help students learn to "think". In recent years, I have been striving to align my classroom practices with the work of Peter Liljedahl around "Thinking Classrooms".  My classroom is alive with students engaged in learning conversation, exploring problems together, often standing in the hallway writing on the windows with non-permanent markers.

Education can be fun. Learning is not always quiet. I tell a lot of stories connected to what we are learning.  I sometime "yell" because I care (the students know to just laugh at me when I do...).

Very happy to be back in the classroom again this fall!